Photos Add Spice to the Recipe Called Life

It's February. You needed this

There are moments and events in life that are pivotal for us. A friend once described life as a tapestry of individual threads woven through it that are difficult to identify, yet together make a beautiful pattern. Those moments are like the  threads in the tapestry, which are like spices in a recipe….which is what I’m permitted to blog about…but I wanted to share a photo I took last summer.

When we cook we season the dish with salt, pepper, cinnamon, thyme and so forth.  Scents, the feel of the air, music, design and the textures of nature are the spices in this recipe called life. February in this part of the country is bland, but full of promise that spring is  around the corner.  For me taking pictures  is much like harvesting herbs from the summer garden for the winter pot.  I know I need to preserve those moments to spice up those less than brilliant days of the year. Fairy Roses    are beautiful! 

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