About Diamond Soup

Hi! I’m Krista, and this is where I talk about food.
I am obsessed with food. It all started as a kid when I rummaged through a jar of popcorn kernels that my mom kept in the cupboard. I took a few of those gems for myself and hid them around the house. But, this blog isn’t about my hoarding problem (although, seriously, maybe we should talk about that). It’s about food, and how it’s not only delicious but so much fun to make.  A few years have passed since my popcorn hoarding days, and I’m finally ready to share my love of food with others.
I cook for fun and relaxation, and I think the kitchen is as good a place as the gym to blow off steam.  I try to make meals healthy by using real foods and sneaking in extra nutrition where I can. This is a good thing, because I am mostly in love with bread, scones, and cheesecake.
You will also find my mom’s recipes on here under the alias “elfinwild.” You’ve stumbled upon an elfinwild recipe if you are reading a post and notice the ingredients are gluten free. Or, if you’re reading a post and are like, “hey, this sounds mature and sophisticated, and I understand life and my place in the world better now.” But we’ll try to keep her musings food-related (kidding, love ya mom!)
And about our title, Diamond Soup? Well, that’s a long story that has passed through our family. If you’re lucky, maybe we will write about it someday.
Until then, happy fooding!
diamond soup profile photo at lavender farm

4 thoughts on “About Diamond Soup

  1. Just dipping into Diamond Soup for the first time, and I’m looking forward to savoring it (sorry, just had to :O). BTW, Marcia is one of my favorite people, and she talks so lovingly of you, Krista, that I know I’m going to enjoy the results of your colaboration.

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