8 Ways Other Than Baking To Spend Your Month

Hi, guys. I’ve been MIA lately. The past month I ate an entire fish, traveled home for my future sister-in-law’s bridal shower, existed during Memorial Day but forgot what I did, and found a new home in my new home of Harrisonburg. Here’s how to spend a month doing things other than baking.

1) Make one “real” dish – aka something other than cereal or eggs – all month. Be sure that it’s something traditional with a twist, like Turkey Chilli with Kale and White Beans. Proceed to eat the entire bowl each time you serve yourself before you manage to take a picture of said bowl for that blog you write. Wallow in full-bellied remorse.

2) Allow friends to reciprocate your baguette and bruschetta dinner (oh yeah, and lasagna, but that was also eaten before we could take a picture). Realize that, considering that two are from Kurdistan and one is from China, you may encounter food outside your comfort zone. Tonight you will be eating fish for dinner. As in, whole fish.

Feel a sense of strength as you recognize that your mind has been broadened and you are a more seasoned person because of this experience. Feel appreciative for kind and fascinating friends.

3) Make sure your brother is about to marry a girl you absolutely adore. Take a bus home to Pittsburgh on a Friday night for the bridal shower. Forget a blanket and jeans even though you’ve done this trip many times and know the Megabus is freezing. Buy curly fries and a hot chocolate at the rest stop in West Virginia for comfort because you can’t stop shivering, and the guy beside you is drunk and asked to look at your Chuck Palahniuk book because he loves Snuff and thinks Palahniuk is the king of transgressive fiction. Although he kind of likes Burrough’s Naked Lunch better, but whatevs. Arrive in Pittsburgh and host the bridal shower. Everything is beautiful. The bride is happy. The Strawberry Cupcakes with Coconut Frosting are the icing on the cake (ha).

4) Let Memorial Day pass. Forget what you even did that weekend. Something about…oh, right. Something about a live band and a drag queen brunch. That weekend was interesting; you should remember it. Miss your friends in DC just thinking about this.

5) Find a home in your new home. Get excited about the move. Look at an apartment right next to the best coffee shop, the one named after a character in Oliver Twist.

6) Fall in love with the apartment next door. Spend the following weeks scouring apartment blogs on how to decorate a studio apartment. Decide that you want to decorate your living room like Ernest Hemingway’s writing studio in his Key West house. Pause to acknowledge how very untalented you are compared to Hemingway. Pour yourself a glass of Jack Daniels on the rocks. At least you two have that in common.

7) Visit a lavender field near your new hometown. Feel at peace. Remember that you are about to move to a new life, and day dream about all the bread and scones you will bake in grad school.

8) Promise yourself and your readers (hi, Mom!) that you will resume regular posts. Make another cup of coffee. Time to go to your day job like a real person.

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