Orange Cream in Orange Cups with The Best Homemade Hot Fudge Sauce

It wasn’t what I had planned for Easter dessert!  Just want you to know that.  My intended dessert started out with the oranges but totally flopped.  These beautiful oranges had been sitting on the table, waiting for this awesome recipe I was so excited to make for Easter, but we have gone with plan B.  Not too pitiful now, is it?  It is true that sometimes when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.  In this case life gave me oranges, and this is what followed:

Okay, so I was torn between making Benz L’Orange with Hot Fudge Sauce and this other delightful and oh so Easter-y dessert called Orange Cream in Orange Cups.  I made it once before and it was easy and refreshing and light.  Perfect for Easter.  Except that it failed.  Don’t know about you but when I mess up a recipe and it’s unusable I get sort of itchy all over and particularly irritated that I wasted time and, maybe this bothers me even more, valuable ingredients.  Grrrr!!!  So all day long I was trying to figure out how to salvage the mess I’d made and get a pretty dessert for Easter.  I’d like to mention that I did have Benz L’Orange in the back of my mind, except that it is a dessert I like to keep on hand around Christmas, and this was Easter, and I was having a difficult time envisioning it as an Easter menu option.  This is so good I’m glad it ended up on the dessert table.

You need this.  12 ounces frozen orange juice, a gallon of the best quality vanilla ice cream you can find and then you’ll need 1/2 cup of this:

Cointreau is a more expensive orange scented liquor used to make the best Margarita’s.  It’s nice to have on hand for the Margarita’s, but it’s also great in this recipe and it makes a wonderful flavor addition to Chocolate Truffles, and a nice end to a really difficult day….the uses are endless it would seem. 🙂

Mix the partially softened ice cream and orange juice together

Add in the 1/2 cup Cointreau and then mix them all together until smooth, like this:

When it’s all blended refreeze it again.  I usually pack it back into the same container the ice cream came in.  It will keep for a couple of months like this in the deep freezer.

And then, if you desire to present it in the orange cups, here’s how to do it.  Keep in mind I’d had a …sniff sniff…failed dessert planned that used all the orange juice I’d squeezed from the oranges (to the tune of nearly 3 cups).  So just enjoy drinking the freshly squeezed orange juice or I suppose you could use it instead of the frozen juice but it wouldn’t be as intensely flavored.  So here’s how to prep the oranges:

Once sliced in half I like to loosen the oranges around the edges to make a cleaner finish

Next, remove the pulp.  This cheap handy dandy juicer does the trick!

Voila!  Perfectly pretty empty orange shells.  Of course now that you know how to do this there can be other uses for them too.  Pretty, individual fruit compote holders, pudding, yogurt, chocolate ice cream.  You get the idea.

Now all you have to do is place a nice rounded scoop of frozen ice cream in each cup and drizzle it with your favorite chocolate sauce.  I’ll be sharing a recipe for a home made Hot Fudge Sauce that is, if I do say so, ten times better than the best your money can buy.  And it is definitely more economical – later this week since I want to share this now. Happy Easter!

Here’s a little look ahead to the Hot Fudge Sauce.  Ohhhh, so yummyt!!!

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