Dinner Time Blues

This is my fridge. Don’t be deceived by the over-crowded appearance. None of that food is mine (except the four loko). I live with three teachers, and they have their acts together enough to own cars and go grocery shopping weekly. Yeah, that’s not me.

This blog is all about food, right? And since it’s a food blog, that means we have to share the best of the best, the yummiest, most spectacular recipes ever, right?


You may not like this, but this is my blog, and you probably aren’t even reading. So stop.

Now where was I.

Okay. So let’s talk about what you do when you have nothing in your fridge or pantry to turn into a meal. Usually I start crying. Then I eat a cookie or drink a beer to distract myself. Then I cry a little more, break down, and order a pizza. I’m gross.

But tonight, I decided to combine a few unsuspecting ingredients. I’m creative. I know how to cook. This is totally gonna work!


I had rice, frozen vegetables, and some blue cheese. I had other stuff, sure, but I of course decided to combine these ingredients. Who would’ve thought that blue cheese, which I love oh so much, would turn into disgusting gasoline tasting paste when melted into rice? I’m mad. What a waste of precious blue cheese. I want a refund. From myself.

It even looked appetizing! See.

Okay, maybe not that appetizing. Now I get to spend the rest of my night eating cookies to get rid of this taste in my mouth.

I’d love to hear comments on your go-to meals when you have seemingly nothing in the fridge. Please. Help me. All my cookies are stale.

3 thoughts on “Dinner Time Blues

  1. Pantry staples – dried pasta, olive oil, garlic, anchovies or anchovy paste, crushed red pepper, parmigiano-reggiano and a pot of parsley on the window sill. I am always more likely to have these items than to have toothpaste. They quickly become one of the most soulful combat meals in the history of human civilization – pasta aglio olio!

    And Krista, I have been enjoying this blog immensely! I love your photos and your warm, slightly wry writing style. And, of course, my favorite subject –– food!

  2. Hey Lauren! You know, I try to just laugh at myself when I get into these situations. I generally keep things on hand for rice and beans and a simple pasta, but sometimes I just want a DIFFERENT staple. Perhaps I need to accept that fallback meals are simply that.

    I do need to invest in some window sill herbs. Thanks for the suggestion!

  3. I know the feeling. I always feel like a fallback meal is a missed opportunity, a cop-out. Freshly snipped herbs do make it feel a little less “mean” (in the Scottish sense) and a little cheese and butter never fail to brighten. My other favorite combat dish is, believe it or not, tomato paste risotto. Made with a GOOD tomato paste and some parmigiano reggiano, it’s pretty lush.

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