Colcannon: Everything tastes better on a potato

I’m Irish.  I live in potato growing country in the hills of western Pa..  Yes, there are at least three potato chip makers who use potatoes grown in my neck of the woods.  I’ve stooped to “gleaning” from a neighbor’s potato field just to not run out of the brown gems.  My mother and her mother used to get very excited when their husbands traveled on business because it meant they could eat a potato, yup just a lonely potato slathered in butter with salt and pepper for dinner, and admit it was close to heaven.  So I wanted to start my own blog with this as the title, but since she beat me to it this is the honorary first post.

Potatoes have bragging rights.  Potassium, tons of vitamin C, phytonutrients and the skin makes a fair play against whole grain breads for fiber content.  Before you go out and google this issue you should know, please, that this really comes down tobeing Irish or something else. Every other site says they’re bad for you, and when I got to the root (haha, get it? Potatoes are roots) of those sites they were put up by mostly Italians who were singing the praises of the noodle.

Let’s talk about a truly Irish way to enjoy potatoes that I stumbled upon in a guilty “I really should expose my taste buds to more than the perfection of the naked potato” moment.  This dish includes kale or cabbage and onions and is called Colcannon.  There’s even a song about it– it’s so wonderful.  It’s the Irish alternative to mac n’ cheese. Comfort food all the way and easy. Kale is a wonder food.  So what ever guilt you might have about eating a bowl of potatoes for dinner is erased by the kale.  Bacon crumbled on top adds protein and more comfort.  I’d share how I prepare it but there are plenty of recipes out there.  Just be aware that kale has more flavor than cabbage and, you’ll def want to make it less healthy by using tons of butter, salt and pepper.  Maybe even creammm!  Start here: Have at it and be sure to tweak it.  Don’t give up on it if it’s not right the first time around.  Trust me, you’ll be thinking about it every year in mid-March, Irish or not.


2 thoughts on “Colcannon: Everything tastes better on a potato

    • They’d say so, but so do the Irish! That’s why they aren’t on the same island (for the most part). And they’re still arguing the point. 🙂

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